Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Took time off today to be with my youngest daughter,ILI, for a little shopping. Walked into a number of watch boutiques, watch galleries and watch shops at the Mid Valley, Megamall, going through various brands and models.

Corum, Ball, Bell and Ross, Frederick Constance, Haurex, Tag Heuer, D&G, Seiko, CK, Fossil, Cerutti, Edox and many others. There were so many models with lots of interesting variations. Most of them anyway are dress watches and very suitable for adults. Nothing much for generation Y to choose.

So, we just walked away after trying out quite a number. Going in and coming out of so many shops without securing a catch seemed labourious and bordering boredom.

Ili kind of gave up until we spotted the Tissot Gallery. A smiling young lady greeted us at the entrance. Something interesting about the lady attracted our attention. Yes, she was wearing two watches, one on each wrist. As soon as we stepped in, we spotted another young man wearing similar uniform also with two watches.

Curiosity took the better of us. Instead of asking the models available, I straight way asked about the two-watches situation. With a giggle, Rei, the young lady explained that it was company's policy for staff to adorn personal watch plus the Tissot model supplied by the company.

Ok, I guess that’s good marketing and promotion strategy. Proceeded to glance through a few models and after much deliberations, Ili managed to zero in one model good enough for her to say yes and for me to part with a few bucks.

Still, I’m convinced that this is not her real choice. She did say later that she wanted to see some DKNY models.

No matter, the sight of Rei and her partner adorning two watches each lingers on our minds as we walked out of the gallery...

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