Thursday, December 10, 2009


My wife and a few of her friends enquired last night during a friendly gathering why I have not given much coverage on the ladies watch collections. They pointed out that to date I had only one miserable posting last month viz. on the Butterfly Vulcain which has subsequently been sold.

To the ladies out there, the oversight is regrettable. There is neither any gender prejudice nor was it intentional. It was purely a matter of finding the right material and suitable models to be highlighted at the right time. I should try to strike a balanced posting in the future, after all, ladies know best.

The opportunity spring up today in the form of this articulated affordable quartz time piece in the shape of Cerruti 1881 rose gold edition elegantly fitted with a white leather strap. This wonder watch is retail at only RM1155 / USD330 brand new.

Let the eyes feast on this magnificently crafted timepiece suitably fitting to grace even the wrists of the famous and the beau...

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