Monday, December 21, 2009

244.MAURICE LACROIX Masterpiece Squelette

Unique, gorgeous, elegant, magnificent...just couldn’t find the right word to describe this creation from Maurice Lacroix...and just couldn’t resist looking, gazing and admiring the continuously rotating components neatly intertwined making the flow of power so smooth and fascinating.

Looking at the time piece movement is as if you’re looking at your heart beating and the internal organs pounding.

I had the opportunity to sight many new Maurice Lacroix creations of 2009 displayed at my father’s friend watch gallery upon his invitation, with the knowledge that an extremely generous discount subject to certain terms are available for all Maurice Lacroix during this Christmas Sales Campaign.

The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Squelette stands out like a beacon among the models displayed. The word Squelette stands for skeleton in French I was told.

The Masterpiece Squelette unites a contemporary, innovative design with the new skeleton manufacture movement ML 134, which represents the very best of the Swiss watchmaker’s art and fascinates with an innovative decoration.

Connoisseurs of the traditional art of mechanical watch making are, above all, fascinated by the inner life of their watch.

This insatiable curiosity is largely satisfied by the sapphire crystal case back – a feature of every model in the exclusive Masterpiece Collection by Maurice Lacroix. However, the rotation of the wheels as well as the flow of power from the spring to the balance wheel are often hidden from view, the winding and hand-setting mechanisms being concealed by the dial.

All said and sight, after another long close look and a good fiddling in the palm and on the wrist, shuffling the figures on the calculator, this Masterpiece Squelette just had to be taken home for it was too good to be given a miss even if it means I have to part with so many pieces in the collections.

The price tag of a brand new one before discount is RM29,300.00/ USD 8,371.00 only.


Case Thickness: 13mm

Lug Width: 21mm

Closure: Pin Buckle

Warranty: 2-year

Water Resistance: 5 ATM/50M/165 F

Colour: Skeleton Dial

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 43 mm

Case Finish: Brushed and Polished

Crystal: Anti-Reflective Sapphire

Band: Crocodile Strap

Luminosity: Hands

Caseback: Sapphire Crystal Exhibition

Movement: Manual Wind Mechanical



bakhtiar yusoff said...

salam,saya ad 1 jam omega,ada orang nak jual tp tak tahu harga,jam nie ad golfer bg kat die,boleh mntk pendapat x? ada masa lawat blog saya ye,budak baru belaja....

Limau tambun said...

Sdr Bakhtiar,
Terima kasih kerana sudi melawat blog ini.
Kalau dapat di email gambar jam Omega tersebut, mungkin boleh dinilai kondisi dan nilainya...

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