Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Mention the word Jaguar, the first thing that crossed my mind is the beautiful sleek luxurious Jaguar cars whizzing along the highways. 

Some years ago I had the experience of travelling with a friend in his Jaguar from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur for our Housing Developers Association’s meeting where both of us along with another friend represented Perak. While he was driving, I keep on pressing the invisible brake. He did notice my anxiety, just giggled and told me to go to sleep. He really pressed on the pedal stuck to the floor that we arrived at the meeting very much earlier that KL delegates to the surprise of the secretariat staff.

 An experience I would say I never wish to repeat though the ride was damned smooth.

Such is the might of Jaguar cars that even in vintage condition, the Jaguars are today well sought after.

I encountered my first experience with Jaguar time pieces quite recently while sourcing a new brand of watch to adorn my wrist.

The luminosity of the model attracted my attention at the first instant. The price was quite reasonable for a Swiss made.

The black dial brightened by orange and contrasted by grey looks just outstanding. 

A matching stainless steel bracelet fitted to the watch is equipped with two button locks buckle.

Once in a while, a quartz watch like this Jaguar is very handy, simple and comfortable especially when one is in a rush.

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