Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I consider every day is a bonus to me especially so after retirement. Most of the time now is spent with my beloved family. Whatever time left then is dedicated for community services, helping the needy, reconnecting with close and distant relatives and finding new friends. 

When you have reached a certain age like me, you tend to realise that time is getting shorter by the day. Any time any day, you can be recalled by the Almighty to face the music. So, whatever little thing that you do and get appreciated, you tend to get excited and count your blessings.

For the good or the bad, I can’t stand seeing broken and ugly looking things or items. So, if I can have my way to fix and restore them, then I will, albeit, within our limited resources. The satisfaction is always to see them beautiful, glorious, up and running again. Of course some people prefer to retain the original look and conditions of the items no matter how broken the items are, in the name of originality.

I’m fine by that. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s always good and healthy to differ for we see things from different perspectives. I always respect different opinions.

Yesterday, while in Alor Setar, Muzill and I noticed an outlet displaying old wall clocks. We stopped by to meet the elderly owner. We were not that keen on wall clocks since many more at home yet to be hung. Muzill braved himself asking about vintage wrist watches for sale. Noticing that we were really serious, Ah Seng, the friendly owner, produced an old ‘MONDIA’ watch. It looked original, in good running condition, clean and clear of any scratches. At the price quoted, a real bargain, we grabbed it at the first instant. Since he had only one piece and we wanted more, we enquired on the possibility of meeting up with other retailers of vintage watches in town.

 Count our lucky stars, he informed us about Ah Siang, his old friend trading at City Plaza. Wasting no time, we plodded to the place.

We met Ah Siang, who was pre-informed of our visit by Ah Seng. This old hand sure had a good collection of vintage wall clocks, mantle pieces and wrist watches. Alas, only a few wrist watches were for sale.

We also had a chance meeting with Hashim, an oilrig man and an avid Seiko Divers’ collector who happened to be at Ah Siang’s place. He showed us a few of his collections including one for repair. It is always a special moment meeting up with a collector and a seller at the same time.

We picked up one Titoni that pleased our eyes and politely declined the others.

Today, after our business meeting, Muzill and I stopped by Ah Lek’s shop to pick up the Enicar and Pierre Cardin we sent last week for repair and servicing. To my amazement, Ah Lek refused to charge us this time for the work done. ‘Sikit saja mah, apa mau charge sama kawan.’said Ah Lek apparently valuing our friendship.

I count these chance meetings, the opportunities to purchase and that little gesture, small they maybe, as blessings.


Jam-balaya said...


Dalam sungguh maksud tulisan ni. Saya bayangkan diri saya bila dah tua dan lusuh adakah saya senasib jam lama...

duniajam said...

Dato' kedai jam kat Alor Setar tu kat mana? Mana tau kot2 saya boleh sampai ke situ bila2

Limau tambun said...

Sdr Duniajam,
Kedai Ah Siang terletak di Tingkat 2, City Plaza, Alor Setar. Kalau dah sampai di City Plaza, tanyalah mana-mana kedai jam di situ, mereka boleh tunjukkan arah ke kedai Ah Siang.
Kedai jam YL Time Sdn Bhd,Tingkat 1, di City Point bersebelahan(annexed building) pun ada jual 'quality used watches at reasonable prices'yang orang trade-in.

duniajam said...

Terima kasih Dato', insyaallah saya akan cari kedai tu. Nak hantar jam untuk servis. Terima kasih

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